A Note From the Board President

A year ago, we all wondered if we could bounce back after Covid, and present LGBTQ+ plays and musicals for live audiences, while expanding our streaming films year-round.

But we did it!

Artistic Director Jay Espano has overseen the theater’s reopening and managed a season that included THE THINGS I COULD NEVER TELL STEVEN, 4000 DAYS, CHRISTMAS KAROL, and the Jeff Recommended World Premiere of WHEN THERE ARE NINE by Sally Deering.

It has been gratifying to welcome audiences back into our home. In addition, our virtual films program has expanded to give viewers worldwide opportunities to share the vision of LGBTQ filmmakers everywhere.

In the last twelve months, we received an anonymous donation to renovate our chairs and seating platforms while adding safety measures to our Heating and AC systems.

Jay has exciting plans for PrideArts, and the board is working on an essential five-year plan.

But to make any growth, our financial donations from donors and funders must increase.

As a board member for PrideArts, I believe strongly in this company and its plans. Now we need your support for our spring fundraising drive.

Please support PrideArts by donating today here.

Cheri Tatar, Board President