About PrideArts

Huffington Post called Pride, “A powerful and empowering entity.”

PrideArts Mission

PrideArts curates LGBTQ stories and art forms that celebrate the queer experience and address issues affecting queer communities and allies. We also provide artists a safe environment to allow them to enhance and explore their artistic endeavors. Programming includes live performances in our theater space in Uptown and a year-round season of short film fests, feature films, and documentaries on LGBT life, culture, and history.

Artistic Excellence

Arts have the power to entertain as well as challenge beliefs and transform lives


We believe in sharing ideas with people who have common interests

PrideArts is a non-profit theater company, and all donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

Please make donations here or mail checks made out to PrideArts to PrideArts, 4139 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60613.


PrideArts is in what would have been the ballroom when our building was built as a hotel.

We aspire to be a year round facility where people from the neighborhood and from around the globe can see excellent queer centric works which are essential viewing for all.

Chicago theater lore insists the ballroom was once a speakeasy, and the basement had tunnels to the lake (long before LSD was filled in) so they could get booze to the joint easily.