Angry Fags, November 6


Pride Films and Plays presents a staged reading of  Angry Fags by Topher Payne, directed by Artistic Associate Derek Van Barham*

Featuring Nelson Rodriguez*, Kevin Webb*, Jude Hansen*, Alexander St. John*, David Besky*, Michelle McKenzie-Voigt*, and Joan McGrath*.

Cooper and Bennett are not a gay couple- just a couple of gays. When one of their friends is the victim of an assault outside a local bar, they feel helpless, frightened, and then they feel something new: pure, unfiltered rage. Cooper presents the argument that no one is granted the rights they deserve until people are a little afraid of them. And no one is afraid of gay guys. Not really. They set out to change that.

An Oscar Wilde-meets-Fight Club fever dream about how good ideas go bad, with fascinating forays into American politics, bomb building, and pistachios