“At The Flash” Pre-tour Performance

David Leeper
David Leeper

“At The Flash” was written by Sean Chandler and David Leeper and is performed by David Leeper.  Having been together for over 22 years and now (thankfully) legally married, they wanted to create a piece of theater that represented how far the LGBT community has come and how far we need to go.

The show is headed to the International Dublin Gay Theatre Fest It will have one performance in Pride Films and Plays rehearsal space on Tuesday, April 29 at 7:00 pm before heading overseas.  The performance is at 1411 West Wilson, the ground floor entrance. There is free parking on Wilson or Dover, paid parking on Clark. This is just east of Clark Street, and just west of Wilson stop on Red Line.

Tickets for this very special evening are $20 and support the tour to Dublin. To reserve go here.

Come watch the performance, and share a toast with David Leeper, Sean Chandler, director David Zak, and Stage Manager Jessica Forella before they head east! Your $20 donation goes to a great cause! The performance runs 75 minutes.

And if you can’t make the performance, please consider a donation to our fundraising campaign for this project.  Your support would be greatly appreciate!

Sean Chandler
Sean Chandler

“It is so important that people understand our history.  Especially within our own community.  We can’t take for granted the struggles we’ve been through.  Without those pioneers, we wouldn’t be where we are today.  And we’re still fighting! That’s why this play is so important.  It tells a history that’s funny, sweet and sometimes sad, but necessary.” – David Leeper

After winning Pride Films and Plays 2012 Great Gay Play Contest,  David Zak (Executive Director of Pride Films and Plays) directed the World Premiere production in Chicago at the Center on Halsteds, Hoover-Leppen Theatre.  The West Coast Premiere followed in Los Angeles at Celebration Theatre.  Now, “At The Flash” has been invited to the International Dublin Gay Theater Festival!

PHOTO FThis play, performed by one actor, is a vibrant and exciting piece of theater that is not only entertaining, but it is also an important piece of theater for all audiences.

Those who have seen it, regardless of their sexual orientation, have been deeply moved and found themselves seeing aspects of their own lives within the characters of the play.

Creatively, this play is an interwoven series of scenes following five different characters over five consecutive decades. As the action jumps back and forth between the characters, the audience sees how different, yet similar we all are.

To read reviews or more about the characters visit: http://www.attheflash.com

We’re doing everything we can to raise the money to cover the cost of the production costs and travel to Dublin for the actor, director, writer and stage manager.  Our budget is in excess of $10,000 and although we have other venues we are pursuing, this campaign is our most promising!  Every dollar raised on here will go toward supporting this venture.  We are committed to going to Dublin so every little bit helps!

Besides the reward of helping a very important piece of theater get seen by international audiences, Pride Films and Plays is a non-profit theater and your donation is tax deductible.