Pride Films & Plays will be holding auditions for the premiere of a new play The Queen’s Fool written by Kathleen Grotzinger and directed by Sara BenBella.

Synopsis: The queer fairytale we all wish we could have been told as children, The Queen’s Fool follows The Fool, as they attempt to amuse the new Queen with an unusual tale, their own. A surprisingly heartfelt love story that balances, fantasy, gender identity, and Shakespeare.

Casting Information: Individuals who fall anywhere on the gender spectrum are encouraged to audition.


  • The Fool (Early-mid 20s): They/Them, uses humor as a defense mechanism. Comfortable with physical comedy.
  • The Queen (30-40s): A lonely monarch. The King’s new wife. Married out of duty.
  • Lady Lenore (Early-Mid 20s): Lady of the court. Highborn.
  • Olivia: Bartender in Cesario’s club. Played by the same actress as Lady Lenore.
  • Viola/Cesario (Early 20s-30s): The owner of a kind of drag king club in Illyria. Will also play the part of the Queen’s handmaid.
  • Sebastian (Early 20s-30s): The rough cook of The Filthy Wench. The Lord’s Son: The Fool’s highborn friend. Played by the same actor as Captain Antonio.
  • Captain Antonio (30s-40s): A scraggly pirate, captain of The Filthy Wench. The King: The Queen’s husband. Arriving back from war. Played by the same actor as Sebastian.

Pay Rate: Stipend

Audition Dates and Times: Auditions will be held on March 11th from 6:00pm – 10:00pm.

Time Committment: Rehearsals will occur four times a week. A complete schedule can be made available on request. The show will open May 9th-June 14th, there will be consistent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday performances, with three Monday performances on May 11th, 18th, and June 8th.

Material to Prepare: Please prepare a monologue that brings you joy and is under 2 1/2 minutes.

Contact Info: To submit for an audition slot, please send your headshot and resume to Sara BenBella at An audition time will then be assigned to you. If you cannot make the audition time and still wish to audition please reach out to see if an alternative is available.