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PrideArts Film Fest accepts applications through FilmFreeway. Contests for 2022 include our international shorts contest, which also accepts a limited number of documentaries and features. There is a separate contest for films that are focused on queer dance and musicals. And a third contest looking specifically for lesbian films.

PrideArts Shorts Contest
PrideArts LezFilm and Screenplay Contest
PrideArts Dance and Music Contest

The Winter Film Fest will complete its season at the end of ‘January. We enjoyed your reaction to the films THE HIGHER SPIRIT, DARE, SWEETHEART, KAPANA, CICADA, and THE PERFECT DAVID.

While WHEN THERE ARE NINE is performing in the Broadway Theater in a live performance, the film fest goes on a break so you never have to choose between a film or live event.

The Spring Film Fest will begin March 14 and include four weeks of international shorts, and three weeks of international documentaries. The first week features new dance and musical films and is particularly special.

See Trailers for the Spring Film Fest here.

The Perfect David (January 17 to 24)

Cicada (January 17 to 31)

PrideArts seeks VOLUNTEERS to screen films as they are submitted. These films are mostly shorts and can be reviewed on your schedule. You would then complete a brief judging form, and summarize your experience with the film in a comment. Those comments are not shared with the filmmaker. People who have film experience, expertise, or a love of film are welcome to join us. Please start by completing this form.

Past film events included a documentary fest of three films –

PS Burn This Letter Please, Dykes Camera Action! and Proper Pronouns

in October 2021.

Images from PrideArts Summer Film Fest 2021, and that fest included our first feature – Boy Meets Boy.

Some reviews from Festival Filmmakers: “What a wonderful festival to be part of, and to partake of! Program A presents a solid and varied mix of short very personal films from around the world. My favorites in Program A are the German film MALL, which calls up my own memories of playing with dolls in secret; and GOD’S DAUGHTER DANCES, from the Republic of Korea, which follows an extraordinary character and follows her in the most mundane of places: a military recruitment testing site. The acting is first-rate, personal; with a button that put a smile on my face.” – David Simpatico

“We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to screen at this wonderful festival. They were very professional.” – Miguel Miller

Please email if you need more information, or have any questions or comments.