Film and Theater News

Pride Films and Plays is proud to highlight other LGBT films and theater in Chicago. Here’s what’s in town now and what will be coming up:

If you head east from PFP to the Music Box Theatre, you can catch And Then We Danced, a film about two Georgian dancers. They experience rivalry and desire, all to the backdrop of a conservative society.

Starting February 21st at the Music Box is Portrait of a Lady on Fire, a story about a French painter who is commissioned to paint a future bride. As the painter and her subject spend more time together, attraction starts to grow between them.

In the theater world, The Boys in the Band is playing at the Windy City Playhouse, which is a show about a group of men celebrating their friends’ birthday. At the same time, their sexual identities are explored.

Next month at the Mercury Theater is Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, a show about three drag queens on a trip across the Australian outback. (Which PFP has done previously.)