Fugitives In America

PrideArts presets a workshop film of new play by Jordan Ratlliff


Joshua, a fugitive soul, after an attempt to cheat death, must reckon with his will to live and whether his life has been worth living. Until he gets it right, he must exist in a constant state of reflection.This is a POC story. It is also an LGBTQ story.

Whether you fit in one of those categories or in both, Fugitives In America speaks to all of those that understand the struggle of not knowing whether the fight to keep going is worth it. With the ever growing hate and discrimination in this country, there is no better time to tell such an important story. Especially one as hopeful as this one.

It reminds us to continue to try to keep on fighting and to reckon against the destruction from societal othering by choosing life.” This event streams from December 1 to 8, and it is free with a suggested donation.

Please note there is language that some would consider harmful, including mentions of suicide, violence, and sexual assault. Please note this is a film created on Zoom, not a fully staged production.

FUGITIVES IN AMERICA streams December 1 to 8.

  • Cast: Gabriel Ortiz, LaRon Lee Hudson , Carissa Yau, Michelle Ortiz, Mary Jane Oken, Jon Faw, Zach Kelchen
  • Director: Jordan Ratliff
  • Writer: Jordan Ratliff
  • Length: 110 minutes

A note from Author/Director Jordan Ratliff:

“Telling important stories and giving a voice to those that have none has always been some of the biggest driving factors in my decision to become a director. In such difficult and lonely times like these, a play like Fugitives In America reminds me of those very same factors and why I continue to make art. This play came to me during some of the hardest times in my life and while the material in it is anything but happy, it is hopeful.

Tickets are free, with a suggested donation of $5. Reserve yours here.