Join The Pride Society by Donating Now!

The PRIDE SOCIETY is our family of donors who believe in our mission, enjoy engaging with our artists, and understand the value of developing exciting works for the stage and screen.

•    get invites to special readings and rehearsals to meet and greet the artists working on shows;
•    gets invites to special events in the neighborhood, and to other arts events;
•    have priority to book their flex-pass seats prior to general admission tickets going on sale;
•    And PRIDE SOCIETY gets unique sweets and treats during our special events or benefits.

We hope you will join us learn more about our mission, our artists, and how it all works.  We, in turn, look forward to getting to know you, and learn what you would like to see at YOUR Pride Center.

Since opening PRIDE ARTS CENTER in 2016, our shows have always paid for themselves, through ticket sales, subscriptions and other forms of earned income.
The donations of the PRIDE SOCIETY help us pay for the rest of what is so crucial to enable us to do what we do: rehearsal space, utilities like wifi and phone, box office, part time and full-time staff, our public relations person, and much more! Without the PRIDE SOCIETY team, we would once again be itinerant.

PRIDE SOCIETY donations can be made at any time, and can be made in one gift, or on a recurring basis.

I/We would like to join the PRIDE SOCIETY. Please find our donation and list us in the program as a:

•    Donor                      $5 to $99
•    Friend                     $100 to $249
•    Patron                    $250 to $499
•    Partner                  $500 to $999
•    Bronze Circle       $1,000 to $2499
•    Silver Circle          $2,500 to $4999
•    Golden Circle        $5,000 to $9999
•    Platinum Circle     $10,000 +

Make your donation here.