Neil Steinberg in the Sun-Times

CH Cast BoxThere is a great piece from Neil Steinberg in the Sun-Times.

Chicago is so rich in theater, but most of the attention goes to the Steppenwolf and the Goodman and the big Loop Broadway shows. But the truth is you can blunder up almost any staircase, by utter chance, and see something really extraordinary. I had been reluctant to go to “The Children’s Hour” because it involved leaving the house, and now it is an experience I will never forget. It scared me to think that I might have missed it. Don’t. “The Children’s Hour” runs until Feb. 9, and if you’re wondering if the 80-year-old play seems dated, the bad news is: not at all. The front page of The New York Times on Thursday had a story about teachers being fired because they’re gay.

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The cast includes, beginning on the top row from left to right: Britni Tozzi, Whitney Morse, Nora Elise Ulrey, Nelson Rodriguez*, Joan McGrath*, Michelle McKenzie-Voigt*, Nathalie Mendez, Zoquera Milburn, Tasheena Miyagi, Ashley Darger, Brittany Bookbinder, Katrina Kiss, Ella Mouria Seet, and Bryan Renaud.

*Indicates Artistic Ensemble Member of Pride Films and Plays