PFP Production History and Awards 2

Pride Films and Plays Production History

*Bold Denotes Contest Winner

+Chicago Premiere

#World Premiere

2017-18 Season

  • The Nance+ by Douglas Carter Beane
  • Jeff Nominated – Vince  Kracht, Performance in a Leading Role, Pla
  • Jeff Nominated – John Nasca, Best Costumes
  • The TransciviliTy of Albert Cashier by Jay Deratany
  • Jeff Nominated – Best New Work
  • Jeff Nominated – Billy Rude, Best Supporting Performance, Musical
  • Jeff Nominated  Dani Shea, Performance in a Leading Role, Musical
  • Perfect Arrangement by Topher Payne
  • Jeff Nominated  Kelli Harrington, Performance in a Supporting Role, Play
  • His Greatness by  Daniel MacIvor
  • Yank: A World War II Love Story by David Zellnik and Donald Zellnik
  • Jeff Nominated – Best Choreography – Jenna Schope
  • Jeff Nominated  Best Musical Director Robert  Ollis
  • Jeff Nominated – Matt Huston – Performance in a Leading Role Musical
  • JEff Nominated – John Marshall Junior  Performance in a Supporting Role,  Musical
  • Jeff Nominated – Molly LeCaptain – Performance in a Supporting Role, Musical
  • FLIES! The Musical! (opens May 2018)
  • The Days are Shorter  by Corinne J. Kawecki, (opens May 2018)

2016 Gay Screenplay Contest

  • Sideways Down The Sky by Barry Brennessel
  • Baby Steps by Rebecca Semik
  • J’ai Fait by Edward Jordon
  • Happy Anniversary by Simon Graves
  • Paradise at Main and Elm by Barry Brennessel

 2016 LezPlay Contest

  • Fraying Live Wires Tend to Give off Sparks by Lena Wilson
  • Watch Me Burn by Rae Binstock
  • Bold as Love by Geraldine Inoa
  • To Bury a Stranger by Ann L. Gibbs and Judith Allen
  • The Days Are Shorter by Corinne J. Kawecki

 2016-17 Season

The Nance by Douglas Carter Beane +

For the Love Of (or, the Roller Derby Play) by Gina Femia #

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert by Stephan Elliot and Allan Scott +

Jeff Nominated, Jordan Phelps, Best Actor in a Musical

Jeff Nominated, Honey West, Best Supporting Actress in a Musical

Jeff Nominated, Luke Meierdiercks, Best Supporting Actor in a Musical

Jeff Nominated, Robert Ollis, Outstanding Musical Direction

Jeff Nominated, Jon Martinez, Choreography

Jeff Nominated, John Nasca, Costume Design

Resolution by Nancy Nyman and Heather McNama #

Jeff Nominated, Nancy Nyman and Heather  McNama, Best New Work

2016 Great Gay Play and Musical Contest

  • All-American Boy by Donald Gecewicz
  • Another Horatio Alger Story by Jason Jacobs
  • Spectacular Brown by Brian Pracht
  • TBD (To Be Determined) by Paul Elliott
  • A Woman Onstage, book and lyrics by Stephen deGhelder, music by Brad Simmons

2015-16 Season

Men On the Verge Of a His-Panic Breakdown by Guillermo Reyes+

Jeff Nominated- Nelson Rodriguez, Best Solo Performance

The Boy From Oz, book by Nick Enright and Martin Sherman, music by Peter Allen+

Jeff Nominated – Chris Logan, Best Actor In a Musical

Jeff Nominated – Mchelle Lauto, Best Supporting Actress in a Musical

Jeff Nominated – Cam Turner, Best Choreography

Jeff Nominated – John Nasca, Costume Design

Design for Living by Noel Coward

Jeff Award – John Nasca, Best Costumes

Ten Dollar House by Rick Kinnebrew and Martha Meyer+

Raggedy And by David Valdes Greenwood#

The Boys Upstairs by Jason Mitchell+

Bite by Derek Van Barham#

2015 LezPlay Contest

  • Black-Hearted Bitch, a teleplay by Lynn Kear
  • The Patron Saint of Dead Dogs, a play by Katie Grotzinger
  • Resolution, a play by Nancy Nyman & Heather McNama
  • Missed Connections, a play by Hallie Palladino
  • The Terror Fantastic, a play by Nicole Jost

2015 Great Gay Play and Musical Contest

  • Safe by Donna Hoke
  • below by Donna Charlip
  • Pen by Leo Schwartz and DC Cathro
  • Family Holiday by DC Cathro
  • At a Certain Age by Steve Shade

2014-15 Season

Some Men by Terrence McNally+

          Jeff Recommended

The Submission by Jeff Talbott+

          Jeff Award – Ginneh Thomas, Best Supporting Actress in a Play

The Book of Merman by Leo Schwartz#

          Jeff Nomination – Sam Buttton-Harrison, Best Actor in a Musical

Angry Fags by Topher Payne+

         Jeff Recommended

2014 Great Gay Play and Musical Contest

  • The View UpStairs by Max Vernon
  • Michelangelo and Tommaso by James Rosenfield
  • Who Killed Joan Crawford? by Michael Leeds
  • The Book of Andy by Michael J. Mejia
  • *Gentle Passage by Paul Elliott

2014 Great Gay Screenplay Contest – November 2014

  • 1974 by Chris Halligan
  • Agent Call Boy by James Rosenfield
  • The Celestial by Barry Brennessel
  • Chance Meetings by John Woodard
  • How to Be a Homosexual by JB Berg

2014 Women’s Work – September 2014

  • Pulp by Patricia Kane
  • The Girl  Who Would Be King by Jan O’Connor
  • *Jack and the Box Store by  Heidi FitzGerald
  • Kali Dances  by Pat Montley
  • Creative Nonfiction by Laura Jones

Special Event: Sochi: Three Plays about Gay Athletes and the Olympics

Special Event: At The Flash by Sean Chandler and David Leeper presented at the 2014 Dublin International Gay Theater Festival

2013-14 Season

Directions for Restoring the Apparently Dead by Martin Casella#

The Children’s Hour by Lillian Hellman,

          Jeff Award for Nora Elise Ulrey, Best Actress in A Supporting Role – Play

Songs From An Unmade Bed by Mark Campbell+

          Jeff Nomination – Jordan Phelps, Best Actor in a Musical

          Jeff Nomination – Kevin Webb, Best Actor In A Musical

          Jeff Nomination – Derek Van Barham, Best Director of a Musical

          Jeff Nomination – Robert Ollis, Best Musical Direction

2013 Great Gay Screenplay Contest

  • *Boys in Summer by Dennis Shinners
  • Buddy Booth by Edward Yaeger, Jr.
  • The Starfish Scream by Brent Hartinger
  • The Passion Child by Amir Sade
  • Saguaro by Brandon Yarns

2013 Great Gay Play Contest

  • Red Train by B. V. Marshall
  • Dancing in the Mirror by Perry Ojeda, directed by Jay Andrew Espana
  • *Directions for Restoring The Apparently Dead by Martin Casella
  • Forbidden Glass by Kirt Shineman
  • Sand Man by G William Zorn

 2013 Women’s Work Contest

  • Let All Mortal Flesh by Pat Montley
  • Sweetwater by Christina Hulen
  • 180 Degree Rule by M.E.H. Lewis and Barbara Lhota
  • *The Green Door by Gail Hackston
  • Semi-Circle by Eileen Tull
  • Moon Dancers by Mary Steelsmith

Special Event: Kill Your Boyfriends, part of Naked July Festival

2012-13 Season

The All American Genderfuck Cabaret by Mariah MacArthy+

At the Flash by Sean Chandler and David Leeper#

          Jeff Recommended

Beautiful Thing by Jonathan Harvey (20th Anniversary Production)

Under A Rainbow Flag by Leo Schwartz#

          Jeff Award – Best Musical Production

          Jeff Award – Best New Work, Leo Schwartz

          Jeff Nomination – Best Director of a Musical, David Zak

          Jeff Nomination – Best Musical Direction, Robert Ollis

          Jeff Nomination – Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Musical, James Nedrud

2012 Great Gay Screenplay Contest

  • Visalia by Dennis Nivens
  • *A Friend of Dorothy’s by Jim Piazza
  • Barrio Boy by Dennis Shinners
  • Snowmen by Ethan Steers
  • Father Frances by Thomas Ziegler

2012 Great Gay Play and Musical Contest

  • *At the Flash by Sean Chandler and David Leeper
  • Hello Norma Jean by Dylan Costello
  • Mr. Teddy by George Smart
  • Under A Rainbow Flag, book, music, and lyrics by Leo Schwartz
  • Lost in History, by Adam Siegel

2012 Women’s Work

  • The Spindle by Carolyn Gage
  • Mad Cow by Lynne S. Brandon
  • *Into the Blue by Kari Morris
  • Thin Eggshell Syndrome by Trish Cole

2011-12 Season

Love Sucks by Rob Mersola+

Man Boobs by J. Julian Christopher+

Richmond Jim by Cal Yeomans (25th Anniversary Production)+

The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me by David Drake (20th Anniversary Production)

2011 Great Gay Screenplay Contest

  • Welcome to L.A by Howard Casner
  • Bre’gan’s Fist by Tom Emerick
  • The Way Shim Likes It by James Palmer
  • *Wandering the Elysian Fields by Richard Weems
  • Easy on the Eyes by Kevin Michael West

2011 Great Gay Play Contest

  • False Reality by Joe Lauderdale
  • *Learn To Be Latina by Enrique Ureata
  • Save the Date by Tyler Dean
  • Short Expanse by Corinne J. Kawecki
  • The Times by Mark S. Watson

2011 Women’s Work

  • Bad Dog by Jennifer Hoppe-House
  • *Patient HM by Vanda
  • Raising Ricci by Marilynn Barner Anselmi
  • Still Fighting It by Cassie Keet

2010 Season

2010 Great Gay Screenplay Contest

  • Bethlehem by Chris French
  • *Detasseling by Tom Hietter
  • Skirt by Chris Mason Johnson & Kate Stayman-London
  • The Queen of Harts by Gary Polston
  • The Trouble With e by Louise Wadley

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