PrideArts Summer Film Fest includes two features and two weeks of shorts!

Two new feature films and a two-week festival of shorts announced for PrideArts summer streaming film schedule

The documentary feature LOOK ME OVER: LIBERACE will lead off PrideArts summer streaming film program, with a week-long run from June 1-8. Jeremy J.P. Fekete’s profile of the famously flamboyant pianist will be available for eight days only.

It will be followed June 8-15 by the 2022 release THE SCHOOLMASTER GAMES – a Swedish film about an all-boys school in which homosexuality is the norm. In July, a two-week-long festival of 11 shorts from the US, Canada, Republic of South Africa, Ireland, and Tunisia, will play from July 5–19. The shorts – dealing with matters of the heart ranging from love affairs to parental relationships as well as politics and social considerations faced by queer people around the world – will be presented in two separate weeklong programs of approximately ninety minutes per program, with each program streaming for one week. 

Access to each program of shorts in the PrideArts Fall Film Festival will be $10.00, which will grant viewing of the program or feature purchased for a full week – allowing audiences greater flexibility in viewing the films at their leisure. Tickets and more information are available at

A complete listing of each program appears below.



Written and directed by Jeremy J.P. Fekete

Streaming June 1-June 8

$10.00, allows unlimited viewing for the week of release

More info and ticketing at

He was an icon, flamboyant pianist, egomaniac, and showman par excellence: Liberace – the King of Bling – enjoyed an unparalleled career. The salon pianist turned megastar lived the American dream, but it was a life of unmatched paradox and eccentricity.


Directed by Ilva Forner

Streaming June 8-15

$10.00, allows unlimited viewing for the week of release

More info and ticketing at

The St Sebastian Academy, an all-male school where homosexuality is the norm, is the setting for this most unusual new film. Two teachers who had been bullied in their youth hope to give these students a greatly improved school experience.


Streaming July 5-19, 2022

Two weekly programs of international short queer films

$10.00 per weekly program. Admission allows unlimited viewing of the weekly program through the end of the week of release. 

More info and ticketing at

A film festival of 11 short films from five countries that will stream online in two separate programs, each available online for one week. 

SUMMER SHORTS PROGRAM WEEK 1 (1:36:00)  – July 5-12, 2022

Five short films from the US, Canada, South Africa, and Tunisia.

SUMMER SHORTS PROGRAM WEEK 2 (1:36:00) – July 12-19, 2022

Eight short films from the US, Canada, and Ireland.


Summer Shorts Week 1 – Streaming July 5-12, 2022.

A BLOOM (Republic of South Africa, 24:00). Directed by Antony Rangel Coll.

Nick just got back home after spending three months at a therapy center. He is determined to leave all the pain inflicted by his previous love behind. After going out with his two friends to a local bar, Nick sees love across the room again, shyly smiling at him. The strange visit of the past and the sweet gaze of a stranger will finally make him sink to the bottom of his heart and be reborn. 

HOLD THE LINE (USA, 36:47). Directed by SB Gamble. 

A couple finds themselves in the throes of pandemic and social unrest in May of 2020.

NIDHAL (Tunisia, 10:30). Directed by Bassem Ben Brahim

Between reality and animation, the story of Nidhal is told, a young homosexual Tunisian who defended individual freedoms in Tunisia through his work on radio. He found himself under a  lot of pressure which forced him to leave the country and seek asylum in the Netherlands.

PRAY THE GAY AWAY (USA, 11:27). Directed by Chang-Min Jonathan Hyon.

Danny, a queer, Korean high schooler, becomes invisible after an intense prayer group literally prays the gay away. Will he ever be seen again?

STRANDED (Canada, 13:00). Directed by Emile Viens.

After its space pod crashes, an alien telepathically calls for help, causing a grieving man to have hallucinations of his deceased boyfriend.

Summer Shorts Week 2 – Streaming July 12-19, 2022.

DON’T TEXT YOUR EX (Canada, 13:52). Directed by Jo Güstin.

Surviving a global pandemic being queer, cute, and still in love with your ex.

SASHA & MAR (USA, 9:16). Directed by Anya Dombrovskaya.

Tensions arise between two young women after a night one of them cannot quite recall.

LOOSE THREADS AND THE SILLY LITTLE EXORCISM (USA, 4:10). Directed by Jacqueline Hillebrecht.

In a world where soul mates are connected through the mystical red thread of fate, a young trans woman named Emma will do anything to win the heart of Katie – her best friend. 

HEAVY PETTING (Canada, 17:30). Directed by Brendan Prost.

An eerie bifurcated character drama about a queer encounter between two lonely cat enthusiasts, and a macabre test of one’s social obscurity.

PUNCH LINE (Ireland, 10:14). Directed by Becky Cheatle.

On the eve of a transphobic attack, a transgender comedian processes her feelings the only way she knows how: through stand-up comedy.


Directed by Angelo Duncan and Mason Rose

Transgender darkwave/goth artist, A.S. Valentino’s debut music video “Werewolf” shot by Portland-based Mason Rose and starring an all-queer and trans cast explores the connection between trans people and monsters in the public imagination – as objects of fear and fascination. The video parallels Valentino’s own transition to the shapeshifting of werewolves, gaining new hair, muscle, and strength.


Directed by Maria Juranic

Four characters inhabit cycles within cycles of contentment, discontentment, inertia, movement, desire, and betrayal. A story emerges—told through the marriage of music (Ex-Fiancée) and dance (ChrisMastersDance)—functioning as a set of nesting dolls, inviting you to uncover as many layers as you wish.