Queer Bits Fall Film Festival II, November 9

Pride Films and Plays announces Queer Bits Fall Film Festival II at the Public House Theatre (3914 N Clark) on November 9, 2015. Come check out short films that are packing plenty!

The full program of short films will be announced a month prior to the screening.

The evening will be split into two one-hour programs.  Program A begins 7:30PM and will be followed by a talkback with Chicago director Dan Pal who created the Scotty and Josh series. The second screening will commence at 9:00PM.

Warning: some of the short films contain adult themes, language, and brief nudity. You are going to love them!

Tickets for the whole evening (Program A & B) are available for $15 or you can get individual program tickets for $10 each. Student and Senior tickets are also available. Tickets are on sale now by clicking the button below or by calling 1-800-737-0984.


Queer Bits Fall Film Festival II Selections:

Program A – Starting at 7:30 pm

Pictured: David Cook, Tom Murdock, Shaun Baer, Chris Brickhouse; Photo Credit: Eric Liberacki


Another Party With Scotty

Writer/Director: Dan Pal (US, 13 minutes 47 seconds)

In Part 3 of the Scotty & Josh trilogy, the characters’ relationship is put to a final test as they attend a party celebrating the closing of the gym where they first met.




Pictured: Lablée Sylvain and Blay Nikolas; Photo Credit: Elvis Gygi


The Cream

Writer/Director: Jean-Marie Villeneuve (France, 8 minutes 34 seconds)

Gilbert, a quirky young man, is out for a Sunday jog in the forest. When a muscular, athletic man passes him at tremendous speeds, Gilbert is left confused, curious and ultimately aroused by his secret.





5 - Mx. Pink
Pictured: Othman Zem; DP: Emil Ashok


Mx. Pink

Writer/Director: Maharlika D’Seusse (Spain, 13 minutes)

It is a story of two individuals from near extreme ends of the gender spectrum, who meet in a tabac, where an unexpected romance unfolds.






6 - Pepper
Pictured: Éloïse Tanguay Simard, Chantal Bellavance, Frédérique Proulx; Photo Credit: Vincent Allard



Director: Patrick Aubert; Writers: Patrick Aubert, Chantal Bellavance, Frédérique Proulx, and Éloïse Tanguay Simard

(Canada, 7 minutes 15 seconds)

The painful awakening of a couple after an evening of fantasies… Dreams vanish, reality appears.


Pictured: Adam Radwan and Atheer Adel; Photo Credit: Gnaiger Lukas





Writer/Director: Ellrich Tim (Germany, 13 minutes 47 seconds)

Conflicted with his father’s sexuality Adel tries to find his own tolerance in a traditional world.





9 - Spoken In Jest
Pictured: Carlos Fadl and Vincente Flores; Photo Credit: Sergio Baldit



Spoken in Jest

Writer/Director: Rolando Treviño (Mexico, 5 minutes 23 seconds)

“Spoken in Jest” shows a moment in the life of Leo, whom is forced by Roger to assist to a gay party so he can seduce the girl of his dreams.






Program B – Starting at 9:00 pm

1 - Actually Alex
Pictured: Cole Meyers; Photo Credit: Annie Jamieson



Actually Alex

Writer/Director: Ness Simons (New Zealand, 12 minutes 30 seconds)

When his childhood best friend comes for a visit, Alex struggles to reveal the truth about the man he has become.





3 - Foreplay
Pictured: Laura Hickmann and Lízia Bueno; Photo Credit: Georgia Ribeiro



Director: Douglas S. Kote; Writers: Bruna Foletto Lucas and Douglas S. Kothe

(Brazil, 12 minutes 2 seconds)

When four young adults realize that nothing happens without a reason, they decide to put aside their shame and live their lives. However, nothing happens without the foreplay.




4 - Life's a Drag
Pictured: Peter McAllum; Photo Credit: Kevin Scott



Life’s a Drag…

Director: Robin Royce Queree; Writer: Victoria Wharfe McIntyre (Australia, 8 minutes)

Alexis and Bettina, two ageing drag queens, take us on a journey with more twists and turns than a set of hot rollers…





8 - Seven Drinks
Pictured: Adam Hurtig and Kevin P. Gabel ; Photo Credit: Andrew Luczenczyn




Seven Drinks

Directors: Madison Thomas and Kevin P. Gabel; Writer: Kevin P. Gabel

(Canada, 14 minutes 8 seconds)

Mitch and Bobby meet for coffee one afternoon and quickly fall for each other, but their differing desires challenge their relationship and future happiness.


10 -Thanatopraxy
Pictured: Andrea Carballo and Cristina Gallego; Photo Credit: Guillem Oliver






Writer/Directo: Víctor Palacios (Spain, 10 minutes 54 seconds)

Mary and Monica work in a mortuary. Mary needs a donor heart for her father. Monica has an idea. Steal it from their own work.




About Queer Bits Film Festival

Queer Bits Film Festival is Pride Films and Plays’ recently re-titled Film Festival is now in its third year and prides itself in providing the best LGBT short films with their Chicago premieres.

The first screening and incarnation of Queer Bits occurred in November 2012 in Center on Halsted’s
Hoover-Leppen Theatre. In November 2013, five short films received their Chicago-premieres in the
same venue during Pride Films and Plays’ annual Gay Film Weekend. In June 2014, Pride Films and
Plays presented Queer Bits Film Festival, a sold-out 90 minute program of short films and webisodes,
which was followed in September 2014 by the Women’s Words Film Festival, a very successful
program of short films and webisodes with lesbian characters and themes which were written and/or
directed by women. In November of the same year, Queer Bits Fall Film Festival was presented on
another sold-out night including foreign language, animated, and student short films and
documentaries. Earlier this year, Queer Bits Summer Film Festival was presented and included an
array of foreign films from six different countries.