Summer Film Festival – Program A

Streaming Online – July 18-24, 2021

A weekly program of short international queer films.
$12.00. Admission allows unlimited viewing through the end of the week of release for the shorts program or feature film purchased.

1701: A BLERD STORY (USA, 7:21). Written and directed by Matt Jennings.
A black gay nerd uses “Star Trek” to cope with life.

FROM A TO Q (UK, 18:52). Written and directed by Emmalie El fadli.
22-year-old Alex wakes suddenly from a dream where she’s intimate with Kayla. Only problem is; Kayla happens to be Alex’s best friend and Alex has never been with a girl before.

GOD’S DAUGHTER DANCES (Republic of Korea, 24:53). Written and directed by Sungbin BYUN.
A transgender female dancer, Shin-mi, gets a call from the Military Manpower Administration, to attend for the Military Service Examination. Shin-mi, with everything in readiness, takes her steps to the Military Manpower Administration.

MALL (Germany, 7:03). Written by Florens Huhn, Directed by Jerry Hoffmann.
The introverted Didi is out with his man dominated family in a Megastore. Didi walks around alone in the toy section, where the storage racks are sorted strictly by gender: boys’ toys on the one side, girls’ stuff on the other. But Didi only has eyes for one side of the racks.

MARCELLO (Italy, 13:42 ) Written and directed by Francesco Di Giuseppe.
Marcello always stares at Andrea, a young girl who loves wearing lipstick and craves for his attention during biochemistry classes. Despite the initial wrong impression, Andrea is not what Marcello is staring at, but there is something deeper behind. MARCELLO is a journey through the path of gender expression as well as personal growth.

STAY (Italy, 11:59). Written and directed by Lorenzo Marsella.
Ana just paid Bibi for sex. When they finish, she expects Bibi to return to her place, but she has no intention to leave the bed first and the philosophical clash she created later.

SUNDOWN TOWN (USA, 10:00). Written by Mylo Butler and Jada Lewter, Directed by Butler.
Bryce & Mitchell’s trip home is disrupted after making a pit stop in a mysteriously unwelcoming town.

SWIVEL (UK, 6:39). Written and directed by Lois Norman.
What if, you can be all of who you are and still allow another? That just for one night, judgement no longer exists? What if, an intimacy of touch, a truth of want, swivels around your doubt and trusts? What if, love is not a gender, it is a swivel of the heart?

TOTAL CATCH (USA, 2:22). Written and directed by Sarah Clark.
Dating is hard… Zoom dating is harder.

ULRICHS 1867 (Germany, 9:50) Directed and choreographed by Sven Niemeyer.
Karl Heinrich Ulrichs (1825-1895), was a lawyer, journalist, publisher, writer, pioneer of sexology and is known as the “first open gay man” and “LGBTQ+”-activist in Germany. His words urging acceptance of same-sex attraction are read and interpreted through dance set to a techno score.