Summer Film Festival – Program C

Streaming Online -August 1-7, 2021

A weekly program of short international queer films.
$12.00. Admission allows unlimited viewing through the end of the week of release for the shorts program or feature film purchased.

A FIRE THAT NEVER DIES (USA, 6:58). Written and directed by Chheangkea Ieng.
A young man becomes infatuated with his upstairs neighbor after believing that his late mother has sent him.COMPOSITIONS FOR UNDERSTANDING RELATIONSHIPS (USA, 5:30). Directed by David De La Fuente.

“A Love Letter”EDEN (Mexico, 15:00). Written and directed by Tavo Ruiz.
Eden is the queer re-tale of Adam and Eve’s story in modern times. A visually striking story about first love situated in Berlin.

FAMILY MISFORTUNES (UK, 11:11). Written by Aidey Pugh, Directed by Joseph Burke.
When father and daughter just want to be loved for who they are.

FROZEN OUT (USA, 5:00). Written by Hao Zhou and Tyler Hill, Directed by Hao Zhou.
An émigré retreats to frozen prairies, forests, and swamps, trying to find a meaningful story and escape the anxieties of dislocation. Delivered as a film-letter to the protagonist’s sister in rural China, the film considers his queer self-exile as well as identities that were too difficult to express back home.

IN[APP]LICABLE (USA, 11:08). Written and directed by Cam Owen.
After moving from small-town Louisiana to New Orleans, Ted navigates the city using a dating app.

MORE OF SOMETHING (USA, 18:00). Written and directed by Kevin J. Nettles.
Two guys meet for a hook-up, but find there is something more, if you are open to it.

ROADKILL (USA, 15:00). Written and directed by Aliza Lorraine Brugger.
Tillie’s lonely life as a roadkill removal worker is destabilized when Wanda, a lively stranger, comes to town.

THE MORE THINGS CHANGE (USA, 16:00). Written and directed by Debra F. Simone.
For the longest time, Dana thought transition would change everything…but she’s still grinding it out at work, dealing with a crazy boss, and has no time for family, friends, or any fun at all.

THE UNSURE MASSEUR (USA, 14:00). Written and directed by Reid Waterer.
A young man considering a career as a masseur visits one and ends up learning more about the job than he ever imagined. Alternate synopsis: Trapped in our gig jobs economy, an aspiring masseur learns the sacrifices required from an experienced massage therapist.