Support Aks International Minorities Festival

PrideArts is thrilled to began a collaboration with Aks International Minorities Arts Festival by presenting 11 queer short films in the first week of our PrideArts Fall Film Fest November 1 to 8.

The Aks International Minorities Festival was established in 2014 in Pakistan by activists seeking to improve the representation of minorities more specifically transgender, sexual minorities and people of color. The festival has taken place annually in Pakistan across its biggest cities, with a specific focus on the indigenous Khwaja Sira (trans) community, attracting a positive media reception and devoted audience.

Watch the Aks International Minorities Festival shorts here.

Since 2015, Aks has also held an annual festival in Copenhagen, bringing into focus the lives of Danish minorities through a unique combination of film, workshops, art exhibitions and performance. Aks means ‘reflection or mirror’ in Urdu, and the Aks festival aims to hold up a metaphorical mirror to the minorities with the aim of improving their visibility. Aks festival provides the opportunity to the artists and activists to be the voice of the unheard voices around the globe through films, art and dialogues.

About Film Program

Char Chaukay Bees (4×4=20), organized by Olomopolo media, is a fellowship short films program of new and veteran Pakistani Filmmakers who produced 20 short  fiction films on the topics of identity, gender and sexuality with slogans like ‘Being Yourself: The Right to Love’. The main idea of the Fellowship was to bring talented filmmakers together and produce films that focus on inclusion, representation and diversity. Olomopolo Media (producer of these films) is great support to Aks festival in Pakistan in terms of producing content,  hosting events, mentoring trans* and queer individuals, creating jobs for the minorities and producing content to create public awareness.

Please support Aks International Minorities by sending funds through to the email address (You do not need a PayPal account to send money.)