The Argentine film THE PERFECT DAVID (EL PEREFCTO DAVID), released this year. David obsessively works on his body to reach the idealized self of a bodybuilder. As David dedicates himself to further developing his physique, his social life begins to call out to him.

Streaming January 16 – 24, 2022

THE PERFECT DAVID (Argentina, 2021)
Written and directed by Felipe Gomez Apericio
75 minutes
Streaming January 16 – 24, 2022
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At sixteen, David is much like any teenager, but his boyish good looks rest upon a hulking, muscular body, the result of a weightlifting obsession driven by his mother. With countless hours spent at a grungy gym in the company of a motley clique of pumped-up gym rats, David desperately searches for what it means to be a man.